Artic Tale review

Posted On October 6, 2008

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 The movie artic tale. It is like march of the penguins, but on the other side of the world. The movie follows the life of two familys. The familys of Nanu the polar bear, and a whole family of walrus. A real-life story of the hard struggles of the two familys and what they have to do to survive in the harsh conditions of the cold. It also has an underlining message: of global warming. How these creatres ancient ways of surviving won’t work anymore. The ice is melting faster, and food is becoming harder and harder to find for these creatures. The film shows 8 years of their lives, a long time to dedicate yourself to a movie. By some strange conwinky dink in the film, Nanu (the polar bear)eats the walrus’s Auntie. Yeah thats right, the Main star eats the co-stars Auntie. Weird right? Below is the trailer for the film. Out of my ratings it get 5 stars (out of 5). Please see it, worth the $2 it takes to hire it from your local video ezy xD.

Darshi :mrgreen:



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